Monday, July 30, 2012

Musicfest Recap

The Musicfest was a great success again this year. More people turned out than ever before and everyone was happy to be there. The weather cooperated with beautiful 84 degree temperatures and NO RAIN. Jessica and I were busy all day making shirts under our tent. The experiment with printing outdoors wasn't as perfectly successful as we might have hoped but we managed to make a lot of shirts and ended up not destroying any screens. We learned a lot about how to do it better next time. We were very happy to have family and friends stop by throughout the day to see how we were doing. An especially large "thank you" has to be given to Kristina who stayed late and helped us carry all of our heavy stuff to the car at the end of the night. And thanks to Bill and Allison and Michael and all the other organizers of the event. I wish I could have been more involved this year.

We do have a handful of shirts leftover. So if you came by our tent without any cash, now you can get a shirt online. Sizes are limited to what we already printed and there are really only one or two left of each one, so if you need to get a shirt, you'd better get it before someone else does. I'll ship it right to your door.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Merchant Street Musicfest

I'm getting ready to print some shirts in the bright, bright sun at Merchant Street Music Fest. There's fewer than two weeks to get everything together and be prepared for screen printing on a four color press without access to running water. Should be fun.