Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eight Tenths

Only two more colors to go. I was hoping to get the final five colors printed today, but I only managed three. I was up at seven again today, so I should have just gone straight to the studio and started working. Later tonight, I'll post a new show over at Captive Werewolf.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Halfway Home

It might not look like it, but that is five colors. That leaves five more to be printed. I wanted to get this done before Tuesday, but I left my color reference chart at home on accident so I spent the day in the studio Sunday working on de-dusting some scanned pinhole negatives instead of printing on this project. It turned out OK since I really needed to get those pinhole shots in the mail today for submission to an all-pinhole photography show at Purdue University. I hope they accept them. I think they look pretty cool. Anyway, I'll hopefully be able to print a couple colors on this project tomorrow and then finish it up on Wednesday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Littlest Leftout

I just wanted to announce that there are two spots open in the Littlest Print Exchange. As I should have expected, a few people were not able to complete their prints by the September 1st deadline and decided to drop out of the project. I replaced most of them quickly, but there are still a couple of spots to be filled. So I'm taking a look at portfolios again. If you want to get involved, send me a link to some examples of your work as soon as possible. The new deadline is going to be Halloween, October 31st. I'll be picking the final participants on October 5th. That is a week from today. All the guidelines are available on the Littlest Print Blog. Check it out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Second Chance 002

I finished this a few days ago and am just getting around to showing it here. It took longer to print than I expected due to the busyness of the print studio. I've complained about that before and I think I've worked out a solution now, so I won't bother complaining about it anymore. I also needed to add an unexpected eleventh layer of color to warm up her flesh tones, separating her skin from her shirt and her hair from the trees in the background. So that added a little extra time to the project. The color here looks a little dark and dirty. In real life its a bit brighter. I think it has something to do with blogger's image compression.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hours of Operation

OK. My new hours are officially set for keeping the gallery open. Monday and Wednesday 2:00pm - 7:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday 11:00am - 4:00pm. If you need me before two o'clock on Monday or Wednesday, I'll be working in the print studio. In celebration of these new hours I posted this picture that I found on my memory card while trying to clear off all the old junk on there. There are a ton of pictures on there too good to delete, but not good enough to do anything with. I also found some photos from Michael's show and posted them on flickr.

Other than that, I spent most of the day making a 4 hour playlist on itunes. I have to listen to the end of each song a bunch of times before deciding what the next song will be in order to make them flow together nicely. I'm just as good at making playlists as I am at wasting time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pursuing Progress

It looks like I'm going to have to change the gallery hours so that I can work in the print studio in the morning, before going to work. I don't think anyone will have a problem with that. Today I went in on my day off and printed a couple of colors and prepared my screens for printing again next time. I only have two more colors planned, but I think the skin tone of this poor woman need some warming up so maybe I'll print an eleventh color before I'm finished. After closing up the studio, I met Justin at McDonald's and we drove up to the city together to see Owen at the Beat Kitchen. I think this might be the first show I've been to since the city-wide ban on smoking. The clean air was pretty nice. Since the set was mostly acousticish, I came home without a ringing in my ears. That was nice too. We also stopped in at Nate and Elaine's bakery, Fritz Pastry. Today their shop was featured on the Hungry Hound segment on ABC news. I hadn't been there yet and was really happy to see them doing so well. It's an inspiration.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Prints in Progress

When I actually get some time in the studio things move along pretty quickly now. A few hours on Sunday and about an hour today and I'm five colors in, halfway finished with this print. I think I'll buy a few more screens so the process can move even faster. I'm pretty excited about the way it is turning out and think this direction is going to work out well for me. I'm also excited that the planned edition of 14 is still holding up. I haven't made any drastic mistakes. Hopefully I can keep it going for the next five layers.

Today I also opened a new exhibit at Captive Werewolf. For the first time the show is made up of artwork by someone that I actually know in real life. I love Kristina's creepy dolls. And if you are wondering who took the awesome photos of them, it was me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Windy Citizen

This old TTV picture and a few others others were featured yesterday on Windy Citizen's "Today's Photos" Blog. I guess Windy Citizen is a social networking site specifically for residents of Chicago. Coincidentally, I was in Chicago yesterday checking out some gallery openings in Pilsen with Jessica. My favorite stuff was at Logsdon 1909 where we saw a lot of wooden robots and porcelain dolls. We just stayed in Pilsen rather than heading up to the more established galleries, because the Pilsen places stay open later and we had another reception to attend yesterday evening at "my" gallery which is exhibiting the work of some local art educators (including Jessica.) During the reception I had time to sneak away and expose a couple of screens for the photo/silkscreen series I'm trying to get going on. Before that we visited friends and had lunch. Before that I cleaned up a bunch of my stuff damaged in a leaking water pipe incident. The whole day was really pretty eventful, so I think I'll just spend the rest of the day, today, hanging around and maybe just do a little bit of laundry.