Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome Home

Now that I'm teaching I have the opportunity to take part in this annual exhibition at GSU featuring the work of regional art instructors. I wanted to get something new done for this show since everybody around there has already seen most of my work. I also wanted to do something directly photographic since I'm teaching photography. So I spent the last couple of weeks shooting a series of tiny, pinhole photographs and then today I screen printed a layer of color over the top of the photos. Tonight I'm going to get these things framed up and presentable. Shown together in a group, I think they'll look at least a little bit interesting.

The show opens this Thursday, October 7th. There is an artists reception next week on Wednesday, October 13th at 5:00p.m. Based on previous experience, I'm guessing this show will include artwork from:

Javier Chavira, Christopher Clark, Michael Costanza, Daniel Falco, Eric Gorder, Michael D. Hart, Jane Rhoades Hudak, Joe Milosevich, Jean Janssen, Elise Kendrot, Erik LaGattuta, Carrie Ohm, Heather Page, Beth Parin, Gary Schirmer, Lou Shields, Cheliese Slowik, Jerry Slowik, Michael E. Smith, Jeff Stevenson, Jessica Van Swol

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