Sunday, June 5, 2011

Controposto Pose

Well we made it halfway across the country and are getting everything unpacked here in Portland Maine. When I was packing I rediscovered the tape recorded by my old band, Controposto Pose.

My first band, Cosby, broke up after a member or two decided we should actually learn to play our instruments, a complete betrayal of the Cosby Mission Statement. Mark Foltynewicz, Matt LeRoy and I decided to continue on with a new band. We wrote a couple of songs, but really needed a bass player. Someone told us about Jamie Stutevant, a friend of a friend who had just taken up the bass. He was already practicing with another guy, Andy Bradley. So we all joined together as a five piece band. I came up with the name Controposto Pose after taking a survey of art class. We played a bunch of shows in basements and churches and then Jamie moved to Rockford so we stopped playing together. Mark and I worked on a lot of songs for years after that, but we never tried too hard to be a real band again.

I think the tape must have been recorded in 1993. I know I was listening to Hum's Electra 200o a lot and the Cranberries were on the radio. Jamie and Andy were into Hole's first album. That all adds up to 1993. If I remember right, we recorded in a public access TV station that was closed for the weekend. Ron Romano had an eight-track and a bunch of microphones. I think we were only the first or second band he ever recorded and I'm pretty sure we had only been playing together for a couple of months, so you'll have to excuse the quality. I listen to the tape every few years, sometimes feeling embarrassed, other times surprisingly impressed, but mostly nostalgic.

Right after finding the tape again, I found Jessica's old Walkman. So I put the two together and plugged it into my computer and copied the songs as digital files. I left in any clicks, static or tape noise to make the sound as authentic as possible. I also scanned the original cover liner and lyric booklet. The tape originally came with a couple of stickers that I don't have anymore, maybe they'll turn up.

Anyway, if you feel like it, take a listen to the tape and download it for free.

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