Friday, September 16, 2011


One day last week, we were sitting on the couch watching TV when I heard a little commotion coming from the kitchen door. I glanced over to see a wild squirrel running straight at me under our dining table. I reacted a little badly with a mild yelp and the squirrel high-tailed it out the door. Jess wanted him to come back in, but I haven't quite forgiven him for eating our squash and cucumbers. The next day Jessica and I were exploring Bradbury Mountain State Park. I heard a screechy noise above us and looked up to see a large bird flying away. Something dropped down unto the boughs of a tree a foot or two over our heads. I assumed it was a branch or a clump of leaves or something like that but, in fact, it was a tiny little chipmunk. I guess he was dropped by the bird.

Today were were coming home from shopping and that squash eating squirrel was hanging out in the backyard. I brought out a bag of pumpkin seeds and some raisins. As soon as he saw the bags, the squirrel seemed to know what was happening and came running over to me. I sat on a chair and threw him some treats. He was a little skittish but was certainly willing to get pretty close. I tried to feed him from my hand but he just touched my finger with his nose and scooted off. I think he'll come around soon enough if we keep working on him.

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