Sunday, April 8, 2012


So I finished stitching the other day. I beat my most recently estimated end date by about a month and my original estimate by more than a year. I tacked the tapestry up on the wall to shoot this picture. I'm working on a method to stretch it like a canvas, removing all the wrinkles and making it appropriate for hanging. After that I'll hopefully be able to get some more professional photographs. Until then, here are a few statistics:

500 "pixels" x 500 "pixels" = 250,000 "pixels"
Each pixel is made of two crossed stitches so that makes half a million individual stitches or one million passes of the needle through the canvas.

- Begun: 7/15/2011
- Finished: 04/08/2012
- 268 days or about 9 months
- 1600 estimated man hours based on how many pixels I could complete in 1 hour.
- Estimated average of 5 hours, 58 minutes of work per day

- Approximately 8,333 feet of embroidery floss, which translates to 1.58 miles.
- Even though Jessica insists it is a worthless statistic, that is 0.0009875 miles of floss per hour.

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