Monday, March 9, 2009

28 Places I've Never Been

28 Places I've Never BeenThere are a lot of projects in the works around here but nothing that looks like it will be finished anytime soon. The secret, porcelain Lincoln-head project is going to take months to finish. Then there's a JFK Assasination votive candle project and a standing George Washington street-art thing, neither of which I've written about before. Two screen printing things are in the works; one (the one from yesterday's post) will be finished within a week or so, the other seems like it'll be ongoing for a long time. Then there's the above ceramic tile project that should get going this week, but since its an experiment and I have very little knowledge of ceramicing, its anybody's guess when that will be finished, if ever. Did I mention that I'm happier than I've ever been?

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arch stanton said...

it shows. i'm happy for you. i also miss you. in addition, is ceramicing really a word?