Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Fat Buddy

BodhisattvaToday I picked up a box of miscellan- eous camera crap at an auction for $6.00. Except for a couple of things that might go on eBay, pretty much everything in there is going to end up in the garbage. However, I did find three sets of foggy close-up filters that just happen to fit on an old Minolta 50mm lens that I've had lying around. That lens just happens to fit on my new Sony DSLR camera. So we're in business. I screwed all nine of those filters onto the lens, popped it onto my camera body and took a bunch of pictures of a tiny, porcelain Bodhisattva given to me by Rhonda Jackson. The top image was taken with the lens wide open limiting the depth of field to fractions of a millimeter. For the bottom one I stopped the lens all the way down and increased the depth of field, though it is still pretty much ridiculously shallow. I think I prefer the blurry style.


Tiffany said...

Wow, I really like the effect you got with those lenses. I read somewhere online that Sony DSLRs can take Minolta lenses. I am glad to see it worked out so well for you.

Christopher Clark said...

That was one of the factors that helped me to choose the Sony camera over the Rebel. I already had a Minolta Alpha Mount 50mm lens and assumed other lenses of its vintage would be easy and cheap to acquire. It seems like I wasn't the only one that thought that, since every Maxxum compatible lens on ebay also includes Sony in its description. Now these cheap old lenses are getting more expensive all the time.