Friday, May 1, 2009


One of my ongoing projects, The Littlest Print Exchange, is chugging right along. The roster of contributing artists is currently at 31 so we only need 19 more awesome people to sign up. The most recent contributors have been really exciting. The other day, I sent out some invitations to a bunch of people online who make work that I admire, so hopefully they'll want to get involved. I'm hoping for the entire project to be finished by September. Check out this lineup: Jennifer D. Anderson, Trina Baker, Brainstorm, Courtney Bryan, Katarzyna Cepek, Christopher Clark, Bonnie Cook, Michael Costanza, Amelia Cousins, D. Wesley Davis, Daryl DePry, Jenn Erwin, Carolina Espinosa, Brett Grunig, Stephanie Harvey, Nancy Jo Haselbacher, Robert Howsare, Melody Knight Leary, Luke Leyden, B. Love, Jill Marie Mason, Pam Newall, Matthew Pazzol, Sage Perrott, Diana Phillips, Roxanne Phillips, Dennis Raines, Pete Rangel, Brent Richardson, Lee Turner, David Villegas

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