Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Room with a Viewfinder

In preparation for the upcoming View Finding Workshop I'll be hosting on June 19th, I put together a new TTV rig. I'm not sure if the images it makes count as actual "Through the Viewfinder" pictures because I've used the condenser assembly from an old Durst M600 film photo enlarger in lieu of a bottom camera. The results are pretty much the same, though this setup has a short depth of field when compared to the Duaflex contraption I've used in the past.

Just to test the rig out I quickly shot the image below. Dead center is the newest addition to my camera collection, a Yashica-44. I have a few rolls of vintage 127 film that I'm going to run through it soon. On the right is the Duaflex IV mentioned above. Over to the left is an Argus "brick" that I've never used because the rangefinder is out of whack and behind that is the top of an Anscoflex II. Way in the back is a Super Speed Graphic that I've only used for 4"x5" paper negatives.

I'm going to try to get out and do a bunch of practicing with this rig over the next couple of weeks so that I'll be ready for the 19th. That workshop is going to be pretty informal and totally free so come by and check it out. If you can't find a suitable bottom camera, I'll have three or four on hand.

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