Saturday, February 12, 2011


I finished cutting and sewing these little things tonight. I accidentally came up with this idea while doing a bunch of multi-layered screen prints for the Second Chance series last year. The stacks of transparencies (left over after the printing) were in some cases, more interesting than the actual prints. A tiny print exchange (even smaller than my own Littlest Print Exchange) offered up the opportunity to implement the technique.

These prints are only 2.25 inches square. They are made from ten layers of laser prints on transparencies, aligned perfectly with each other, and hand sewn together onto a sheet of paper. The effect of the layered transparencies is tough to capture in a photograph. They have a strange, three dimensional quality and the stacked plastic seems almost metallic. In some ways they are reminiscent of daguerreotypes in that the image vanishes and reappears when tilted in the light. I think I'll try some larger versions soon.


artist jeff said...

I want to see one. Can you bring it in next time you are at GSU?

Christopher Clark said...

I might be around next Friday, but I'm not sure. I have one that I sewed with white thread before shipping to mono-filament. I could just leave it for you.