Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old Yeller

I started on these screen prints today for a print exchange designed to help us printmakers use up the scraps of leftover paper trimmed off larger prints. These piece of paper are probably too big to really be considered "scraps" but they were leftover from another series of editions. I have a ton of them so I guess this is a good time to use a few of them. The prints don't look like much yet, and the technique is a bit of an experiment, so maybe they never will.

So far printing at home is a bit of a disaster. I don't really have the right space to do the things I want to do. Sometimes, it seems that a sprayer hose in the shower just doesn't work as well as a power washer for removing emulsion from screens. Other times, it blows the emulsion right off before I want it to. That's what happened today. I'm hoping to get a new screen coated and ready to expose as quickly as possible so I can print another color or two and get this job completed before the deadline.

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