Sunday, May 20, 2012


Here's the first image from a new collaborative art project I've just started. This five inch by five inch wood panel will travel through the mail from one artist to another. Each artist is asked to add his or her own work to the panel, either altering the previous image or covering it completely. Photos will be made to document each iteration. In case you don't know, "palimpsest" is the term used to define a parchment which has been scraped clean in order to be written on again. Over time, evidence of the original writing may reappear or be uncovered through the use of modern technology. Just as with these ancient manuscripts, the richness of our traveling palimpsest will grow with the addition of each layer of artwork. As photos of successive layers arrive they will be posted for viewing at Keep an eye out for the second layer soon, added to the panel by Jonathan Stewart in Texas.

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