Saturday, April 18, 2009

Webmaster/Lonely Loser

My website is up and running at its new home, There are some things to work out; like devising a way to effortlessly replace one set of thumbnails with another for future expansion; speeding up the load time; replacing the image-based text on the bio and resume pages with actual, copy-and-paste-able, faster loading text; and probably including a news page for current and upcoming shows I might be involved with. But it works for now and it feels pretty intuitive to navigate despite the fact that its layout is far from traditional.

Now that that's pretty much finished, I'm thinking about preparing for my graduate show which will hopefully, if everything works out, be in December of this year. I'm really just coming up with the idea, and so far it seems like it might be too big for me to complete. I might need an assistant or two to get it finished. That seems pretty unlikely though.


Tiffany said...

Very nice site! I like how interactive it is. I'm sure all those mouseovers must have taken a while to design. Also, I see you're using your logo now.

As for your need for assistants, maybe you can get some free interns?

Christopher Clark said...

Thanks Tiffany. Making rollovers is really pretty easy in dreamweaver. I don't know if you saw it before I started using the logo or not. Each rollover had two unique images so the page had to load all those images before it was really usable. I figured if I used only one image for the rollover action, the page would'nt have to load so much and it would be a bit faster. I still think it is too slow though. I'm still working on it, I just need a break from websiting.