Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Through Six

The second day of my "vacation" was occupied with the following: Michael and a trip to Kmart for camera batteries where a crazy-eye helped us with our selection; a successful experiment in bicycle mechanics; an upload of webpage technology; and a trip to biglots which netted me Born to Kill for only three bucks. We also saw that billboard that some kid used to ask his girlfriend to prom. She was already his girlfriend. He could have just said, "Hey, what are you doing next week?" Instead, he wasted a bunch of money on a billboard for the world to see. Later I went with my brother to The Third Annual Homegrown Film Festival which was a strange mix of relatively professional and downright terrible productions. There was another crazy-eye there, a different kind. I think I'm going to organize a film festival. I'll show Wheelchair Werewolf.

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