Monday, August 24, 2009

Popcorn Party

Until I have access to a decent scanner again, I'm not going to waste too much time with photography. It just isn't worth the effort to scan and color correct and dust off negatives when I know the resulting images will be worthless for anything other than posting on the web. I'll probably keep shooting, but will wait until I have a good scanner around to do the digital parts. The pictures above were scanned from the small prints that I picked up today. Normally, I just use these prints as a reference for which negatives I want to fool around with. But I decided to quickly scan these and post them here since I've been pretty lax on my internet activity lately.

I have been doing some screen printing stuff though. Today I printed the first two colors of what will ultimately be a project of at least ten screens. Tomorrow I hope to get another two colors finished and maybe even four. I could do it all a lot faster if I bought a few more screens. Right now I only have two, so I'm exposing and printing, then clearing off the stencils and getting the screen ready to start again the next day. The waiting time in between while the screens dry is the worst part.

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