Monday, August 31, 2009

Potpouri of Banality

Missy PrinceI spent most of the day today looking for a couch that I could steal for my office. I guess I should have done that during the summer when there were fewer people around and I could have gotten away with it easier. The only one I like is in a much too conspicuous location and it would probably be missed quickly, even though I don't think it gets sat on very often.

In other news, the Littlest Print Exchange is really moving now, with 31 of the 50 editions in my possession. Tomorrow's the official deadline, so we'll see how many holdouts there are after the mail comes. I ordered supplies for the finished portfolios a couple of days ago, so I'll be ready soon to put everything together and send them out to all the participants.

Most importantly, I posted the new exhibit at Captive Werewolf, and it is a really good one.

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