Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday this guy drove away from the gas station pulling the hose behind him. I risked my life to shoot eleven seconds of the incident as I drove past. Then I searched the internet for hours trying to figure out how to get Windows Movie Maker to accept the MP4 video format in which the new iPod Nano records. In the end, I had to download a file converter (Prism Video Converter) to change the MP4 into an AVI so that it would be compatible with Movie Maker. It seems like these tiny, pocket, digital video cameras are getting more and more popular so I'm not sure why Microsoft isn't making it a little easier for people to use them with its product. All I really wanted to do was edit off the ends of the video clip and slow down the footage so you can see the hose clearly. Anyway, I guess it is all worth it now, especially with Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool Theme playing over the top of the video.

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