Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meteorological Spring

After a few weeks of minor slowdown, things are picking up again in the studio. This week I finished four prints which is some sort of world record. I was in there for about seven hours today. I really wanted to go home early, but I forced myself to finish the print I started and get everything ready for my next session. I'm feeling the possibility of a back pain issue tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow: It is supposed to be the first day of spring, but right now it is snowing. I keep saying winter is almost over and it keeps proving me wrong. Maybe I should just start saying that this winter is never going to end. Reverse psychology.

Tonight there is a new show at Captive Werewolf, a nice personal, experimental photography project from my friend Mike Smith.


Jessica Van Swol said...

The first day of Spring is and always has been March 20th. That's why it's in with a lion out with a lamb.

Christopher Clark said...

You are talking about Astronomical Spring and I'm talking about Meteorological Spring.

Also "in like a lion, out like a lamb" is all about astrology. I know because a comic strip told me so.

Now I know that when you are pretending to do crossword puzzles you are actually just reading your horoscope.