Thursday, April 1, 2010

GSU Annual

I finished hanging the annual GSU Student show today, including a few late arrivals that were generously let in after the submission deadline.

Artists exhibiting include: Tom Bass, Sharon Burrink, Rick Cammarata, Samantha Canada, Jon Casserilla, Mike Chandler, Christopher Clark, Quentin Crockett, Sherril Denault, Tor Dettwiler, Janet Engle-Julian, Abdullah Fadhli, Raida Khamis, Brenda Farris, Erick Garcia, Tiffany Gholar, Hector Hernandez, Karen Keorpes, Brooke Nicholson, Sarah Ogren, Russ Laska, Dan Lee, Diana Lynch, Stephanie Monroe, Becki Moffet-Moore, Aleksa Moss, Jaclyn Reidy, Christina Schmitt, Candace Schutt, Jeremy Spence, Paul Stevenson, Jessica Van Swol, and Lori White. There's a reception planned for next Wednesday if you are in the area.

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