Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thesis Pieces

I'm posting about this again because some of the dates have changed since the last time I talked about it. My final thesis show is scheduled for May 17 through 24. There will be a reception on Friday, May 21 and I hope all 6 people I know come. I ordered some postcards a few days ago so if you want a written invitation email me your mailing address and I send one to you.

Earlier today I posted a new show at Captive Werewolf. It has been hard for me to find the time to seek out new artists that I'd like to exhibit over there so if you want to have a show, or if you want to curate a show, send me a proposal. It doesn't have to be anything formal.

In other news, my "avatar" over at Deviant Art has been changed to a Team Jacob animated gif. I don't know how or why that happened.


Jessica Van Swol said...

What? The one with the werewolf jumping? That happened to me too yesterday, but my boots are back now.

Christopher Clark said...

Yeah. I'm back to normal now too.