Saturday, August 14, 2010

Merchant Street Day One

Despite the cloudless heat followed by sunburn followed by intense rain. The first day of music fest was pretty awesome. When the rain came in everybody rallied together to keep the show going. Joel Paterson and the Modern Sounds were totally awesome professionals, playing under the pavilion of the depot with no sound system. They just turned up their amps and serenaded the drunk dancers. Devon Allman canceled out, so when the rain let up their slot on the main stage was taken over by Red Buffalo who were scheduled for the second stage. In the end we had to cancel two performances from local bands, but I think it went over fine. Everybody who stayed during the rain seemed to be enjoying themselves and most of us were rewarded with free pizza from Parmesan's. Tonight I'm sleeping while covered in aloe. Tomorrow, we'll be back at it starting at noon and we're hoping for better weather.

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