Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here's a quick rundown of the things I listed on etsy today: The above prints, Einsteinium and Indium were done as part of the 2007 Periodic Table of Elements Printmaking Project. Einsteinium is an early, color proofing print made with wood blocks and wood intaglio plates. The final version came down much differently in its color palette and included a photographically produced plate to make the text elements a bit crisper.

Indium, on the other hand is a second edition of the project-print using different processes and colors. It was basically an experiment to see whether water based screen printing ink would hold up to the paper soaking needed in order to print from a copper etching plate. It did.

I also relisted Ladies' Lunch, a triptych of drawings/collages of my mother, aunt and grandmother seated at a table together. They come in small frames and are ready to hang right up in your kitchen.

Finally I relisted Girl's School, a quartet of collages featuring drawings from a vintage yearbook and color chips cut from the cover of a nazarene school record cover. I've mounted these four small pieces onto clear plywood panels for a simple, clean, modern presentation.

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kim* said...

i like the lunch ladies lol