Thursday, November 27, 2008

Myth: American

The informal show/critique scheduled for December eighth is coming along slowly. We've had some problems getting access to the space for setting up and getting permission to drill holes in the walls. There are really only two walls for hanging things on. The other walls are glass and/or metal. I've managed to hang up an installation of small frames on the metal wall using magnets, but the glass walls are completely out of bounds. There are supposed to be some partitions available to hang on, but the building maintenance crew has been pretty uncooperative about providing them. Most of the stuff I wanted to show is too heavy for them anyway. Regardless of the complaining, you should come check it out just to see if we manage to pull this thing together. Plus, pizzas are semi-confirmed, and I know you love free pizza.

In other news, I spent a good chunk of the day preparing package to send off for juried shows. One in Colorado and one in New York. Earlier in the week Michael, Jessica and I dropped off entries for a show closer to home and in January, I'm pretty sure I'll be accepted into a really local, photography show which I fully intend to win. Don't let the above reported frustrations fool you. Things are actually looking up.

Tomorrow I'll be thankful with my family in the morning and then with friends in the evening.

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