Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fire in the Pie Hole

Yesterday I spent most of the day with motor vehicle related chores. I needed to get a title transferred so that I could continue having insurance on my car, so between the time spent at the DMV and the insurance agent, a good portion of the day was used up. I also needed to get a money order to pay off the speeding ticket I got a few weeks ago. $75 isn't the end of the world but I hated paying it when I don't really think I deserved the ticket. The issuing officer apologized when he gave it to me (a first in my experience) and I noticed a few other pullovers so I'm assuming it was one of those (supposedly mythical) ticket quota days.

So I spent the morning today routing a decorative edge and filling holes on a pair of light boxes I'm making for these Supreme Court/Apollo Program prints that I hope to have finished up sometime this week. In the meantime I made another one of these collages. This one is a single panel and is only 4.5" x 4.5" square.

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