Saturday, September 12, 2009

Windy Citizen

This old TTV picture and a few others others were featured yesterday on Windy Citizen's "Today's Photos" Blog. I guess Windy Citizen is a social networking site specifically for residents of Chicago. Coincidentally, I was in Chicago yesterday checking out some gallery openings in Pilsen with Jessica. My favorite stuff was at Logsdon 1909 where we saw a lot of wooden robots and porcelain dolls. We just stayed in Pilsen rather than heading up to the more established galleries, because the Pilsen places stay open later and we had another reception to attend yesterday evening at "my" gallery which is exhibiting the work of some local art educators (including Jessica.) During the reception I had time to sneak away and expose a couple of screens for the photo/silkscreen series I'm trying to get going on. Before that we visited friends and had lunch. Before that I cleaned up a bunch of my stuff damaged in a leaking water pipe incident. The whole day was really pretty eventful, so I think I'll just spend the rest of the day, today, hanging around and maybe just do a little bit of laundry.

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