Monday, September 14, 2009

Prints in Progress

When I actually get some time in the studio things move along pretty quickly now. A few hours on Sunday and about an hour today and I'm five colors in, halfway finished with this print. I think I'll buy a few more screens so the process can move even faster. I'm pretty excited about the way it is turning out and think this direction is going to work out well for me. I'm also excited that the planned edition of 14 is still holding up. I haven't made any drastic mistakes. Hopefully I can keep it going for the next five layers.

Today I also opened a new exhibit at Captive Werewolf. For the first time the show is made up of artwork by someone that I actually know in real life. I love Kristina's creepy dolls. And if you are wondering who took the awesome photos of them, it was me.

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JD said...

i was wondering!