Monday, November 16, 2009


A couple of days ago, the final edition came in for the Littlest Print Exchange. yesterday, Jessica and I printed up some boxes to house the final portfolios. She did most of the work. I also conned her into designing a colophon with information about the project and all its participants. I'll probably be transferring the blog to its own domain name since I plan to continue this project on an annual basis.

This morning I worked on revising my resume and stuff again even though I've done that a hundred times. I also I posted a new exhibit at Captive Werewolf from Harry Diaz. I had been sending out email announcements about new shows, but I didn't know if anyone really wanted me to do that. It turns out they did. So I'm going to have to get back on top of that. Anyone that is interested in having a show should contact me with a proposal.

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