Saturday, November 14, 2009


Things are afoot. Thanks to my longtime friend Josie Alaniz (nee Hernandez,) Michael Costanza and I have been offered the opportunity to take over a small space in a new retail development downtown. Over the last few years, the Majestic Center, once home to the Town Cinema, has been under renovations. While the theater is no longer active, there are a lot of small shops and offices in the building. Just over the last few weeks the lower level has begun transforming into a Town Mall. Josie's space, Bella Vida, a store specializing in goods imported from South America and Mexico, includes a second smaller space, which she is generously allowing us to use. Our plan is to host art exhibitions and lead small workshops to help energize the local art scene. With very, very little advance warning we were asked to have the space ready for a grand opening today. We threw together an exhibition of our work and spent the day answering questions about our plans and trying to promote Michael's first workshop. It is so early that we haven't even decided on a name for the gallery but several hundred people passed through today and, for the most part, interest seemed high. At the very least, now they know we're here and that we're doing something.

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JD said...

this is awesome! i can't wait to check it out.