Saturday, February 6, 2010

72 Girls

This has been making me nuts. I was really happy with the original photo and wanted this print to come out really good. I separated it into 13 colors, 3 more than the maximum number I really want to print, but I thought it would be worth the extra work. Unfortunately, the colors were not cooperating. I'm blaming it on this Versatex ink that I'm not used to using. My process relies on opaque inks, but this Verastex stuff is way too transparent. In the end, I had to print several colors twice and even had to print a underlayer of light blue to make the dark blue turn out right. As a final insult, the second to darkest color, changed from a grayish brown to a bluish gray as it dried. The moral I've learned is to keep the colors at ten or fewer making the process simpler and that Speedball inks are pretty good.

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