Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Case You Aren't Bored Enough Right Now

Since my last post I finished a print which I haven't scanned yet and then totally ran out of materials in the studio. This weekend we went into the city where I was able to get some emulsion and stuff from Dick Blick. Today I was worn out and really wanted to go home after my shift in the gallery ended, but I forced myself to stay and get some printing done. Five minutes after I mixed my emulsion, the studio assistant came in with a new bucket. I wish she could have been a few minutes earlier. Later I couldn't find the printing board and hinges that I always use. I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything. Using a different one felt weird and I couldn't adapt. Then, two of my screens washed away completely while I was rinsing them out after exposure. Who knows what that was about? Despite all that, I did manage to get four colors printed.

Today in the gallery, I was working on details of an upcoming juried show featuring artwork from Illinois community college students. I spent most of the day informing artists of their acceptance status and designing a show program.

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