Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alley Picking

Yesterday I went out with my new camera and took some shots to add to my long-running Alley Picking project. I didn't read the instruction manual or anything, and forgot to change the picture quality settings, so while these recent shots look ok for the internet, they aren't really suitable for printing. That's a problem because I've been thinking about ending this internet-only phase of Alley Picking and moving it into the physical world. There will be a slight conceptual and stylization shift and then I'll hopefully be able to find someone that wants to show a selection of prints from the new series. The current series includes virtually every shot I've taken in alleyways, even when I didn't feel they were especially complelling. In the future, I expect to be much more ruthless editorially and only include those shots that I really like to look at. I'm sure I'll leave the old Alley Picking site up, but I don't think I'll be adding any more pictures to the gallery.

Yesterday I also took some pictures for another photo series that I'm currently working on called VERT. As a series, it isn't very clearly defined yet. So far the only real criteria for a photo being included in the set are pretty simple. 1. The image must be shot in a vertical, portrait format. 2. The image must feel right. That second rule is where things get sticky, but I think I'll just keep going with my gut feeling.

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