Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Door for Scale and How I Proved that I'm a Tough Guy

Giant FeetHere's a picture I took a while ago during my Land of Lincoln tour of Illinois. There is something about the cropping around the top of the door that keeps it from Badassbeing a great picture but I still kind of like it and wanted to show it to someone. On that same trip, I took this other picture of a rundown business of some kind with pictures of Johnny Cash and John Wayne in the windows. The rest of the windows had other bad-ass Americans, like Willie Nelson, in them. The picture kind of sucks but the subject matter is pretty awesome.

Speaking of bad-asses, I was hard-core printing today and got so bad-ass with it that I tore my screen right off its frame. That's how serious I am about screen printing. And that's why the prints I was working on are going to be part of a very limited edition.

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