Friday, February 13, 2009


Here's What HappenedI've just received notification from the Union Street Gallery that I've been accepted into their juried art exhibition, Multiplicity. The show runs from March 13 through April 10. You're invited to the opening reception. I'm showing a small piece you've probably seen before, but that shouldn't stop you from coming and having a good time.

Juried artists include:
Scott Anderson, Cousandra Armstrong, Jenny Zoe Casey, Larry Chait, Christopher Clark, Morgan Cook, Michael Costanza, Claudia Craemer, Janet Gerske, Kathy Goodell, Karla Hackenmiller, Elena Karavodin, Maria Kazanskaya, Alexandra Lee, Marc Leone, Debra Lepage, David Levenson, David Marquez, Patty McWilliams, Lynne Medsker, Sylvia Mullen, David Orr, Roger Paris, Nick Pena, Shravan Rajagopal, Amy Richardson, Greg Sand, Brandon Sanderson, Virginia Saunders, Richard Schmidt, Margie Glass Sula, Laura Lein Svencner, Nathan Taves, Natalie Theis, Sherry Trachtman, Jessica Van Swol, Marydorsey Wanless, C. Dianne Williams, Everett C Williams, Carol Wisker

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Tiffany said...

Congratulations. I love the colors in that piece.