Saturday, July 4, 2009

Small Works

So last week I sent my print off to D.C. for the 12th Annual National Small Works Exhibition at Washington Printmakers Gallery. I guess it should be there by now. I hope it went alright. It is a bit nerve racking to trust UPS (or whoever) with taking care of my stuff. Even though I generally place little financial value on my own work, I still want the thing to get there in one piece. I know from experience that that doesn't always happen. Strangely, a screw up by a shipping company makes me feel less than professional and that isn't a good feeling to have when dealing with galleries and curators.

Artists featured in the exhibition include:
Diane Alire, David Avery, Tom Baker, Joshua Bindewald, John Bergmeier, Carolyn Brookhart, Ann Chernow, Christopher Clark, Margaret-Ann Clemente, Kathy Daywait, Andrew Decaen, Jessica Dunne, Gloria Fischer, Amy Foltz, Eric Goldberg, Karla Hackenmiller, Alfred Haywood, Yuji Hiratsuka, Mirka Hokkanen, Stan Kaplan, Berry Klingman, Brian Kreydatus, Richie Lasansky, Jane Lincoln, Evan Lindquist, Jake Muirhead, R.Bruce Muirhead, Agnes Murray, Thomas Norulak, Akemi Ohira, Tomomi Ono, Mark Pagano, Kevin Schroeder, Meredith Setser, Carolyn Sheehan, Timothy Smith, Keith Taylor, Dean Thompson, Caroline Thorington, Marie Weaver, Brad Widness and Clare Winslow.

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