Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I posted some photos a few days ago that I shot with my Anscoflex II. You might recall that the processing lab claimed that I was using "old or damaged film." I scanned the prints the lab sent me and they looked like the first image above. Today I scanned directly from the negative and, even without digital color correction, ended up with a much more vibrant image, as you can clearly see from the middle image. That color is much too vibrant for my taste so I did some correction to get the color a little bit closer to natural. You might notice that the image scanned from the lab's print is cropped pretty drastically from the whole negative. In this instance, I think their cropping is more successfull than my in-camera framing, but that likely won't always be the case. Its a lesson for me to always scan from the negative and never trust the results that come from the lab.Swimming Suit Bikini Megan Fox

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JD said...

it still astounds me that you can figure all of this out. astounds is a funny word. maybe i should say flabbergasts.