Friday, July 31, 2009

Captive Werewolf - Karri A. Dieken

Tonight I'll be changing over the current exhibit at Captive Werewolf. Thanks to Steven Hight for letting us show his photographs. Next up is Karri A. Dieken. Karri is heading toward an MFA from Washington State University doing a lot of installation work. She was on the standby list for the Littlest Print Exchange in case any of the participants dropped out. Looking through her portfolio, I was excited by the photographic documentation of her installation, Calling All Dancers. I wasn't sure if there would be enough drop-outs from the exchange to secure Karri a spot, so I invited her to instead put together a show for Captive Werewolf. I'm glad she accepted. In the end, a spot opened up and she'll be participating in the exchange as well. Her exhibit at Captive Werewolf will be up through August 15th, after which it will likely be replaced by an exhibit from printmaker, Brad Widness.

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