Sunday, May 2, 2010

Print Day in May

So, I snuck into the print studio at GSU yesterday even though I'm officially done there. I just had one more print I wanted to get finished before I moved on. I also wanted to take part in the International Print Day in May event. I got in around noon and, over the course of only six hours, I coated and burned ten screens, printed an edition of 14 prints, and cleared all those stencils off. This was a serious marathon session for me. In the past, finishing a complete edition of ten color prints took closer to twelve hours. I guess the time constraint was good for me. My back was killing me by the end though.

I was trying to put together a video documenting the complete process, but someone else came in to print and I started to feel self conscious about taping myself. Photos on Flickr are going to have to suffice. Today I'm trimming down prints, cleaning them up and, finally, adding signatures and numbers. Later this week I'll start doing some framing for my show opening on the 17th.

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