Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thanks Everybody

Here's a list of people that I want to thanks for coming to my reception tonight. This is off the top of my head, so if you aren't on the list I want to thank you too but it has been a long day and I may not remember all of it very clearly: Mike Chandler, Jon, Jaclyn, Barbara Hogu, Diana Lynch, Patty McWilliams, Becki Moffet-Moore and Dave, Sharon Burrink and her Mom, Tiffany Gholar, Sarah Ogren, Jeff Stevenson and Ross, and their friend that I never actually met, Mike Diggs, Don Rocker, Brenda Farris, Geoffry Bates, Diego and Josie who I love and wish I had talked to more, Cindy Van Swol, Jessica Van Swol who I also love and hope didn't feel ignored, Jen Van Swol and Ben, Rhiannon Sallas, Kristina Schmidt, Michael, Kelly and Emmet, Mike Smith and his son whose name I'm forgetting (sorry dude) and his wife (who didn't come to the show but who did very generously send cookies and whose name I forget too), Carrie and Spencer and Westley, Margie Glass-Sula, Pat Nadler, Chelise and Jerry Slowik and the boys, Matt and Wendy and Justin and Mary LeRoy, Mark Foltynewicz, my whole family including Jean Taylor, Mary and Bill Clark, Scott Clark, Dan Clark, Tracy Harwell and Taryn Harwell, plus my niece Lyndsay who came last weekend with sister Cassie and Ryan, Heather Page, Janet Engel, Dave Gribbons whose address I was able to look up thanks to the power of the internet, the two ladies who talked with me about Hopkins Park, and Matt Letasky who I ran into in the parking lot of Gracie's Lucky Burrito Number Two and who I just noticed signed my guestbook earlier in the week when I wasn't around. Thanks for coming and looking at my show dude. That means a lot to me.

I especially want to thank the people who've who've helped me the most over the last few years: Heather Page, Carrie Ohm, Jeff Stevenson, Javier Chavira, Bastien Defriches-Doria, Jessica Van Swol, and Michael Costanza.

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