Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Best Day Ever

This edition is pretty much finished. In the end I think I have about twenty-eight that I'm happy with. There are about twenty more with slightly misaligned registration that I need to go through and decide which are ok enough to keep and which are getting cut and folded into ridiculous, tiny envelopes. Another twelve, separating the individual printed layers, were set aside for a project I'll get around to describing in a later post, maybe sometime in January.

Anyway, the day seemed pretty productive despite the fact that I took several hour off to hang around at an art reception. This guy, Tim Ryan, was having a solo show as a finish to his graduate studies. The energy in the gallery was high, mostly because Tim's paintings are great and he was selling them for super low prices. I bought one myself for the low, low price of only $30 American. Maybe I'll get a picture of it next week. If you happen to be in or around University Park Monday-Thursday 11:00-4:00 you should stop in at GSU and check it out. It'll be coming down on December 15th so hop to it.

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