Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's Hang Out

plywood panel collageMost of my time recently has been spent happily playing online trivia quizzes. But then I've also been trying to get some stuff together for a show at the Beverly Arts Center. I've been struggling with developing a good, easy hanging method that wouldn't cause Beverly too much trouble. Its a problem because the projects they accepted are made up of multiple panels which must be hung perfectly straight in relation to one another. I had a solution that would probably work but was going to take me forever to put together and might have been too confusing for Beverly's hangers. Just as I was about to get to work on it, Jessica popped in with a "Why don't you just do this....." and a shake of her head at how stupid I was for not thinking of her perfectly elegant, foolproof solution. So that's what I've been working on. Today I need to write up those hanging instructions. and then tomorrow, we'll drop off my work and Jessica's. I'll write more about the show, and invite you to the opening, when I get a little more information.


Sarah Ogren said...

I'm in that show too! I'll see you guys there. :)

Christopher Clark said...

Awesome. I know at least one other person that is showing there too, so it should be a pig party.

Sarah Ogren said...

Good I like parties. :)
Congrats on getting in too by the way.