Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Zee Works

Action is still progressing on this 20x20 inch collage despite the fact that I spent most of the day designing a trifold prospectus for an upcoming community college art show, helping people with their lithography projects amidst the mess of a studio heating system installation, and devising and constructing an adjustable system for pouring plaster slabs. None of these projects helped me to get any of my own work done. I think I'm heading into the studio early tomorrow in an attempt to get some personal work in motion when there might be fewer demands on my attention. Right now I have three major projects that I want to have finished before next Monday's pseudo-show. A Delicate Balance which just needs some sanding and painting of the light boxes: Slow and Steady needs five more layers of color screen printed, which I could probably get done in one day with no distractions; and then Goldwater, a waterless lithography project which worked pretty well as a proof of concept. It is really only one printed color with an inkjet transfer over the top, so it might go quickly.

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