Sunday, December 28, 2008

Big Sale

Tonight I went out for a little while to test my camera's low light shooting capabilities. When driving around, I've been keeping a mental list of good looking things that deserve to have their pictures taken. I hit them tonight. One of the locations was a tiny, little tree on the corner with a streetlight shining down upon it. I went there to shoot it but then I remembered that the last time I looked at it was the day before daylight savings (in October back when trees still had leaves on them.) Tonight it looked lonely and boring and it had a huge, ugly squirrel's nest right in the middle of it. Anyway, I still managed to get these two shots that I'm pretty happy about. The first is one of the suddenly ubiquitous blank and/or shredded billboards that seem to be popping up everywhere and the other is the controversial, local adult clothing store, Slightly Sinful.

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