Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Curator's Choice

Photographer, Carey Primeau recently started a photo blog on which he posts one image from Flickr each day. Today he was kind enough to choose one of my pictures. This is a shot from inside the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield Illinois. I had been traveling around the state searching out images for my Land of Lincoln project. The last stop on my tour was Springfield which is (obviously) filled with Lincoln imagery. I was checking out Lincoln's Home and the restored, surrounding neighborhood with my sister, Cassie, when she pointed out this pair of women and dared me to take their photo. At the time I was only carrying my TTR duaflex camera which shoots extremely wide angle shots so, despite my best efforts, I wasn't really able to get a satisfactory picture of the ladies. About two hours later, and a few miles away, we were being harassed by some guy at the museum trying to sell us a season pass or something, when Cassie pointed over my shoulder. I turned and saw the ladies again. We had accidentally been stalking them. Luckily I'd now started carrying my second camera and had just enough time to snap off this one shot. Later a security guard tried to kick us out of the museum, claiming I was taking pictures of their copyright protected exhibits. In fact, I only took pictures in the areas where the docent said it was allowed.

Anyway, my thanks to Cassie and to Carey. Hopefully I'll make it onto his site again sometime.

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