Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Print

American PrintIf you live anywhere near Golden Colorado, you should go over to the Foothills Art Center during the next couple of months and take a look at American Print 2009 an exhibition of work from 43 printmakers across the U.S. Thanks to the alphabet, I'm #5/43. If you can't make it to Golden, the show is available for viewing (and buying) online.

Here's a list of all the artists involved.
Regina Benson, Lynn Brofsky, Deborah Bryan, Devon Clapp, Christopher Clark, Dale Clifford, Amelia Currier, Jeffrey Dabney, Sue Crosby Doyle, Ron Fundingsland, Judy Gardner, Christopher Hagen, Brandon Hagstrom, Dusty Herbig, Erin Hoffman, Elizabeth Jabar, Brian Knoerzer, Matt Kuhlman, Anthony Lazorko, Monique Maddox, Rachel Martin, Janice McCullagh, Aaron McLeod, Carolyn Muskat, Chunwoo Nam, Jonathan Nicklow, Candace Nicol, Tony Ortega, Nolan Preece, Curtis William Readel, Lara Schenck, Dave Seiler, Merrill Shatzman, Ralph Steeds, Sharon Strasburg, Brian Stuparyk, Stephen Sumner, Anne Sunderwirth, Taro Takizawa, Olivia Timmons, Chris Warot, Greg Wessel, Michele Winkler

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