Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It seems like I'm slacking on the creation front and, though I actually do feel kind of slacky, I've really been working pretty steady lately. Its just that the work I've been doing has been for other people's benefit, not mine. Today I spent a long time cleaning "my office" and trying to figure out what to do with multiple pounds of broken, plate glass. I also want to get rid of a bunch of not-broken plate glass so if you need some for any reason, just ask. At some point during the day a Chinese guy asked me if African culture came from Indian culture. He meant Native American, not India Indian. Luckily the phone rang and I didn't have to answer his question.

The other night, when it was way too cold, I stopped to take this picture under a street light. For some reason I was really paranoid about getting hassled by the cops so I only took a couple of quick shots and then high-tailed it.

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