Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool in the Morning, Warm in the Afternoon

Today, I received word from Photographer's Forum Magazine that a photo I entered into their annual photography contest has made it into the final selection group. This means that the picture will be published in the book, Best of College Photography 2009, and that I'll be in the running for some significant cash and prize awards. I hope I win first place. Interestingly, the publishers want to know the name of my photography instructor. I'm not sure whose name to give them as I'm not really a photography student. I think they really just want to know a name so they can try to get the proud instructor to buy multiple copies of the book on behalf of a school.


Sarah Ogren said...

Congrats Chris! That is very good news. I hope you win the big money. If you do, feel free to share the wealth amoungst your friends or just me (I won't tell anyone). :)

Christopher Clark said...

To be totally honest, I think this might be one of those contests where the main point is to announce a bunch of finalists and print them all in a book with the intention of selling that book to the finalists and their friends/families. So there are probably hundreds of finalists and my chances of winning aren't very good.