Thursday, January 8, 2009

Big Loser

This is a just a quick reminder about the show at Beverly tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure everyone I know is already going to be there, but if you are just reading this now, you should consider coming by. At the very least there should be some free food. Don't be surprised when I don't win any prizes. The winners were already announced and I wasn't one of them. If you want to know who did win, I'll tell you: First Place: Hyun Ja Shin; Second Place: J. Thomas Pallas; Third Place: Michael Costanza; Honorable Mention: Chris Matusek. If you want me to win something, come and vote, cause apparently they're having some kind of people's choice award. If you just want to see the pieces I have in the show, here they are: I hope you love 'em.

1 comment:

arch stanton said...

you'll always be a winner in my eyes! i wish the show was last friday but hopefully you won't blame me for missing it to be with my baby in the hospital. we're desperate to get her home soon so we can show her off.