Friday, February 20, 2009

Top Secret Movie Night

Now that Kuba's gone, it feels like a good time to have a secret movie night. I can't technically tell you where it'll be, but I can tell you that it will be projected onto a large, blank, white wall text Tuesday, the 24th around 7:30. I'm not supposed to tell you the name of the movie either but I'll tell you the options. I've narrowed down to these four choices:

American Movie
Mark Borchardt really wants to be a film director and he isn't going to let his lack of funding, actors, crew or equipment stop him. The American dream is totally possible.

To Catch a Thief
Reformed cat burglar, Carey Grant, is suspected of going back into his old business and has to track down the real thief to clear his name. Also Grace Kelly's in there looking glamorous.

In Bruges
Two British hit men are hiding out in Belgium after a big job. One of them is Brendan Gleeson and the other one is Colin Farrell who is usully pretty good when he isn't doing an American accent. I heard it's a comedy.

I'm Not There
A bunch of different actors portray Bob Dylan or some kind of character based on the life/mythology of Bob Dylan.

If you want to watch one of these movies, you should leave a vote for your favorite choice and if you don't know where this is happening, then you should call/email me and I'll tell you. Also if you have a love seat you want to get rid of for free, I'll take it.


arch stanton said...

sorry, i won't be attending. but i vote for t.c.a.t. or a.m.

Sarah Ogren said...

I'll be there. I vote for anything except the Carey Grant one.