Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday was pretty awesome. East Meets West went really great. Stefen and Manpreet played a few improvised compositions and answered questions about the development of the Indian tabla drums, the different schools of traditional Tabla technique, and how Indian time signatures can be incorporated into western music. Approximately 45 people (pushing our space capacity) showed up to watch the performance and take part in the discussion. We collected a huge box of canned goods and other non-perishables for out local food banks. There are a lot of pictures on Flickr. In most of them you can see the Littlest Print Portfolio hanging behind the performers. I shot some video too, but it seems to be a little bit messed up. If I can't get the video straightened out, hopefully I at least can save the audio.

I worked all day today in the print studio and was able get a complete print done from start to finish; exposing all ten screens and printing all ten colors. I even managed to get most of the screens stripped and ready to be emulsified again tomorrow morning. I helped a new guy named Trio with his first prints too. It was a marathon print session and my wrists are killing me. For real.

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